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Guitar Workshop 2 released

2008-04-17 07:17:19 by gtr-wrkshp

In case you missed it, the sequel is finally submited.

I had to post it a bit rushed because I'll be practically in prison for the next Year, and I don't know what happens next. So..
I dropped some features. The most basic thing missing is the database storing.
I left some bugs
I didn't explain some things the best way I could. But there are more than one ways to do your thing, and since everything is made with (some) logic , you might find it hard but you'll do it.

The flash survived the Moronic Wave, meaning the NG users hunting blam and protect points who couldn't give more than 1 min for it and judged it in a really unfair way. Of course there were lots of fair and encouraging reviews, but still some other people have offending manners and intelligence. At least it's not blammed and it stays on NG. Now i can finally remove the music, I put it there only for the score and I know my fans don't like it :-) This gives me another idea... hmm.. better leave it now.

Now, I expect response from people who searched for it (so they have an interest on guitars) and didn't fall accidentally on it. I'll post another version in 1-2 weeks because i need to fix the buggy preloader anyway. If anyone has any design he would like to be on the list, send me an email with a text file (containing the guitar code) attached. Don't forget to add a title

Guitar Workshop 2

2007-07-25 16:17:11 by gtr-wrkshp

I'm working on a sequel.

It will have:
-Up to 4 necks
-More necks styles: Bass, 12 strings, all the things you requested (except maybe for mandolins :-) )
-Dynamic Color Burst on the guitar body
-Saving in database. You can be now sure you kept your guitar setup the way you should, and share it with others
-And much more stuff

It's your final chance to make suggestions

Guitar Workshop 2

About Copying texts

2007-07-25 16:01:45 by gtr-wrkshp

Today i checked my inbox and saw that lots of people send me their setup texts, but they aren't whole.
Not even one did send me the whole text :(

As a result, the guitar loads but looks like shit. That's because if the text isn't complete, some parts of the guitar will load, but some other will not

That's too bad, because I was really curious to see your guitars, some people were curious to know my oppinion on their guitars, but the worst think is that I realize that some people didn't keep the right way their setups, and their work is practically lost.

I'll give some advises for keeping or sending the texts:

When selecting the text, click on it, then press ctlr-a, ctrl-c, then paste it where you want (mail to me or a .txt file in your computer for your personal keeping). This is the most secure way to be sure you copied the whole thing.

To check if your text is right, load the game, select another guitar, then paste your text there (ctrl-a, ctrl-v) and click "load". If the guitar loads crappy.. :( something went wrong. If it loads and look exaclty like the one you tried to copy, you are OK

About Copying texts