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About Copying texts

2007-07-25 16:01:45 by gtr-wrkshp

Today i checked my inbox and saw that lots of people send me their setup texts, but they aren't whole.
Not even one did send me the whole text :(

As a result, the guitar loads but looks like shit. That's because if the text isn't complete, some parts of the guitar will load, but some other will not

That's too bad, because I was really curious to see your guitars, some people were curious to know my oppinion on their guitars, but the worst think is that I realize that some people didn't keep the right way their setups, and their work is practically lost.

I'll give some advises for keeping or sending the texts:

When selecting the text, click on it, then press ctlr-a, ctrl-c, then paste it where you want (mail to me or a .txt file in your computer for your personal keeping). This is the most secure way to be sure you copied the whole thing.

To check if your text is right, load the game, select another guitar, then paste your text there (ctrl-a, ctrl-v) and click "load". If the guitar loads crappy.. :( something went wrong. If it loads and look exaclty like the one you tried to copy, you are OK

About Copying texts


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