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Guitar Workshop 2

2007-07-25 16:17:11 by gtr-wrkshp

I'm working on a sequel.

It will have:
-Up to 4 necks
-More necks styles: Bass, 12 strings, all the things you requested (except maybe for mandolins :-) )
-Dynamic Color Burst on the guitar body
-Saving in database. You can be now sure you kept your guitar setup the way you should, and share it with others
-And much more stuff

It's your final chance to make suggestions

Guitar Workshop 2


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2007-07-28 00:28:45

- Tremolo-equipped bridges with a rotatable whammy bar!
- If possible decals or something to put on the body?
- Eh, maybe text on the headstock?

Just throwing ideas out there.

and I hope you have the seven-string option ^_^

gtr-wrkshp responds:

Nice.. i'll think of them.
Of course i have 7 strings!! I'll put 8-strings too :-)


2007-07-29 00:25:52

Ooh, and if you could move the entire body/headstock at once, and not have to drag all the little variables down or up an increment, that would be GREAT!

Because I was slimming down/customizing the explorer body and headstock, and I had it just perfect, except the headstock was a little too high above the center of the body, and I couldn't keep the shape of the headstock when I tried to move all the little dots down.


2007-09-27 15:46:14

do you have any idea when it will be done

gtr-wrkshp responds:

Hey, where did you dig up that gibson ?? ok, i'll put it too.
I'm not sure when it's gonna be done.. most of it is done, but i have to add some useless crappy jazz up stuff like music and playing the guitar (maybe guitar hero style, who knows..) cause if i don't, i won't get a decent rating from the typical NG #$% user. I've seen another "guitar dressup" style game here in NG, which is much worse than mine (and newer) but it had some music on. and guess what.. it got exactly the same rating with mine.. ffs.
Anyway.. to give you an answer, i guess it'll be ready before May.
btw.. thanks for your interest.. it's encouraging !


2007-10-08 12:57:20

i changed my name from gibbs3240 to guitar player7694.any who the gibson was in guitar hero 2 and i like it the way it is because i can design the guitars i see in my mind the people here are to picky you could charge $$$$ for the games another sugestion would be the krammer 650 pegboard(headstock).


2007-11-08 21:03:41

you should have the michel anglelo batio guitar
or a dime dean
or the frankenstrat
or that weird m-16 guitar


2007-11-08 21:04:32

or what about a gibson modere???

gtr-wrkshp responds:

Don't worry about the available guitars. Since they will be srored in a database, you can add them yourselves ;)


2007-12-19 01:40:45

How's it coming along dude?

gtr-wrkshp responds:

the main engine is ready (that was the hard work)

i have to make the database connection, and add some stuff (pickups, bridges, fix some buttons and fonts etc).

i'll add some non really importand or hard stuff (background music, backgrounds etc)

so there are some thing to do but it won't be hard. I just have to find the time to work on them

in 1-2 months it must be ready.. I guess...


2008-01-10 12:01:42

I love the double neck. maybe give the option to make an amp to go with the guitar?

gtr-wrkshp responds:

You are killing me ! No amps, sorry...

BTW, any proposals for a 4-neck guitar anyone ???


2008-03-06 17:24:48

i was wondering as a new guitar for the game if you put steve vai's triple neck guitar that would be INSANE


2008-04-01 17:33:25

Wow dude. I love your GUitar Workshop Games.


2008-04-05 16:05:06

Make it simpler (for the modeling, I mean).

Oh and I'm working on a rhythm game, is it ok if I use the designer to design guitars for it (or even to build my own signature guitar in real life)?


2008-04-14 00:55:47

i got a suggestion could be hard even though make the mouse a pick and once your done you can click some buttons to preform accrods :)